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    Add some art to a cushion cover, postcard, notebook or walls a�� thanks to The Postbox

    Calling the concept an evolving idea, the founders of The Postbox, say it is essentially an art and lifestyle brand which collaborates and creates design inspired by surreal spaces and pop culture. a�?The team creates designs in such a way that they can be applied on different mediums,a�? begins one of the founders, Nikhil Joseph, a�?The Photographera��. Currently, they work with six mediums a�� canvas, notebooks, postcards, cushion covers, tablemats and coasters.
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    Bringing together artists and buyers, the site allows upcoming artists, creators and designers to showcase and sell their work, putting their work out in the market. a�?So this is completely independent of the Postbox brand of products as we realised there is a dearth in the number of platforms available for artists to showcase their work,a�? he tells us. The core team includes Madhuvanthi Senthilkumar, a�?The Fashion Designera�� and Nirupama Vishwanath, a�?The Graphic Artista��.
    Staying true to their aim, which is to give artistes a platform, they offer two options to their members a�� either fulfill orders on their own and control shipping and delivery, or work in tandem with The Postbox. a�?We also give artists the choice of using their prints on our already existing products,a�? Joseph says, adding that for both options, a base price is set but the artists can decide what price they want to sell at. You can pick up cushion covers for `295 and a set of six coasters for `375. Canvases are on sale for up to `1,800, and notebooks at `210. The designs so far are based on subjects like cities, music, movies, pop culture and fine art. If you are on the look out for Christmas gifts, take a look at their gift cards and boxes.
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    Hardly two months old, the site, refreshingly uncluttered also allows for customisation where users can just upload photographs they want in the specified mediums and have them printed. a�?Wea��ve give customers the option to print on canvases for now but soon plan to include notebook cover prints and coasters,a�? Joseph informs, saying that another feature hea��d pick as appealing is the embossed prints and cities, under wall art. a�?Wea��ve spent a lot of time just creating the prints themselves. While the former is graphic artwork on fine art photographs, the latter is a collection of city-inspired graphic prints made by Nirupama,a�? says the 24-year-old photographer who is currently touring India to work on making these products available in the offline space in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.
    Attracting over 7,000 visitors to the site, the team also have orders from states like Orissa, requests from the United States to be shipped to Singapore, perfectly on cue. a�?Thata��s exactly what we want to do. Two days ago, we reached out to about 40 artists, all of whom Madhu had shortlisted. We are already talking to 13 of them. So you can expect more collaborations and three more products by 2015 and eight more by 2018,a�? he hopes, two offline spaces to be set up too, next year.

    Delivery will take five to six days. Details: thepostbox.in

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