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    Cafee Funny Bunny serves up a good time along with a delicious spread

    Just off the buzzing Sampige Road is the unexpectedly quirky Cafee Funny Bunny. Quite unusual for Malleswaram, known for its CTR and Veena Stores culture, but surprisingly popular, we are told. A gaming cafe-cum-restaurant, Funny Bunny is a cheerful spot done up in bright orange, green, blue and yellow. a�?The idea was to make it a fresh, youth-oriented place that was different and fun,a�? explains proprietor Mahesh Surasgar.

    Fun and games

    While the decor is basic and the food non-fussy, you can have a whale of a time. Spread across two floors, the ground floor serves as the restaurant while the first level houses the games. a�?I advise all my customers to first have a session of gaming and build up an appetite before dining as all the action makes you really hungry,a�? Surasgar laughs. Taking his cue, we start with a spot of bowling, move on to boxing and table tennis at the XBox and a session on the PS3 while mentally planning to return to give the air hockey and a foosball table a go.


    Snacky bites
    Appetite nicely worked up, we headed downstairs to sample the vegetarian European fare.

    Designed by a chef trained in Germany, the menu offers snacky-style paneer and cheese nuggets, bruschetta, pizzas and sandwiches, apart from milkshakes and cold coffee. Surasgar recommended the Golden Pearl, nuggets made from mozzarella, sweet corn, capsicum, basil and red chilli flakes a�� perfect for a chilly day. And the tiny Lily Putiano Mexicano pizza, made from scratch, topped with mozzarella, mushroom, capsicum and jalapenos, on the bready side but tasty. They also serve up some simple pastas, like macaroni florentine, penne alfredo, spaghetti indiana and penne arabiatta. Rs 300 for two. Games start at `20 for 15 minutes. At Temple Road. Details: 42052223

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