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A quiz session that tests your knowledge on the world of Hogwarts, this Saturday

WHOO Knows The Right Answer is a quiz based on the Harry Potter book series that is open to Potter fans of all ages. With questions and answers specific to the original books alone and not their adapted film versions, the session a�?is designed to challenge Potter fans to remember, connect, and think,a�? says Sonali Bhatia, the quiz conductor. Spanning all seven books from the series, Bhatia, a former copywriter who currently conducts workshops for kids, wants to use this as an opportunity to encourage reading and literature amongst youngsters. She chose this particular series over others because of its popularity among children of all ages and her concurrence with some of the values like courage, honesty and friendship that JK Rowling promotes. a�?Her characters are real people making real choices a�� a master storyteller, the way she weaves the tale over seven books,a�? she says.

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The quiz is open for individual participation only, with no teams allowed and Bhatia promises to be flexible while gauging the response. She also plans on having a written preliminary round, before deciding on how many should enter the finals, and how many rounds the finals will have. a�?I would like the maximum number of participants, so Ia��ll take a call on the spot about this. I have prepared enough to be ready for any number,a�? she clarifies. Further, this show is different from other game shows because the answers require a thorough knowledge of the books a�� a�?not just rote learningA� but knowing and applyinga�?. Expect questions like a�� From whom did Harry first hear that the Chamber Of Secrets had been opened before? and Why didna��t Harry tell his best friends about Trelawneya��s second prediction?
Entry free. 2 pm. At Atta Galatta, Koramangala.

Details: 41600677

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