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    ll my remonstrations have worked! It rained and loweredA�the temperature, the tempers and the impatience of people in our city. The air is rejuvenated with the scent of fresh earth. I am filled with a sense of a�?la��amourest dans la��aira�� (a�?love is in the aira��, for the uninitiated). But then again, I have never been a big fan of a�?hot aira��.

    Jyotika & Puneet Dhawan

    Jyotika & Puneet Dhawan

    The rains hadna��t arrived as yet when I toddled off to Ffolio, the chic boutique run by the savvy Yashodhara Shroff. She threw one of her small intimate soirees so the beautiful ladies of Bangalore could have a sneak-peek at designer Manish Aroraa��s new collection. While I panted (as delicatelyas possible) with the heat, the other visions in white (read: skinny binnies) floated around drinking their fat-free iced coffees and buying up the entire collection. Sucking hard on the remnants of my full cream and extra sweet cold coffee, I too bought a stunning pair of earrings, where size didna��t matter. Well just wait and watch, Yashodhara and I have plans to showcase a prA?t-a-porter line for the neglected a�?fluffy bunniesa��.

    Zubin Songadwala, the new GM of ITC Gardenia, and his lovely wife Monisha (a Bangalore girl) are fuss-free, down-to-earth and disarmingly friendly people. So when they invited a small group of us to listen to the talented a�?rat packa�� (read: Stanley Pinto, Carlton Braganza and Priya Mendens) singing the blues, we accepted in a flash. It was a fabulous evening as many sophisticated Bangaloreans boogied and jived to a�?swing musica��.

    Traditional Grey Goose gimlets, interesting nouvelle cocktails and single malts rubbed shoulders with some fabulous grazing snacks. The super talented Carlton was in full form as he exhorted the crowd to get up and boogey. But I fell for the old-world charm of Stanley as he crooned a Frank Sinatra number just for me!

    A couple of us decided that we would fight off the massive crowds at Social, the must-be-seen-at hot-spot, on a Friday evening. We were drunk on eclectic cocktails, superlative food and the edgy ambience. Now I know why my kids are there five nights a week. It was wonderful to let my hair down, soak up my surroundings, have a great meal with a surfeit of a�?designera�� cocktails and not be taken to the cleaners!

    Totally, a�?Sociallya�� acceptable!-

    -Rubi Chakravarti (mrubichakravarti@gmail.com)
    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in her personal capacity.


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