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    These electro savvy stars take brand extension to your finger tips with quirky apps
    Kashing in
    Kim Kardashian really is the queen of social media. After her leaked sex-tape,A� therea��s been no looking back for this default star who seems to make a living out of peoplea��s curiosi-ty. Her latest earnings (about $80 million no less) comes from her app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, creat-ed by San Francisco-based Glu Mobile. Launched only three weeks ago, the app lets you into the Kim lifestyle as her virtual self helps players to climb their way up Hollywooda��s celebrity A-List. So create a star then live the high life at top-notch clubs and parties or even strut your stuff on the red carpet in this one! Oh… did we mention you can date and dump other stars too?A� Details: itunes.apple.com

    Hollywood5cAddingA� some Kirk
    Almost the pioneer of celebrityA� apps, William Shatner, best known as Captain James Kirk from Star Trek, then as Denny Crane in Boston Legal, turns his quirk digital in style. A form of poetry slam, Shatoetry gets users to Shatoetize either in solo-mode or in tandem with a friend. How? Simply make up a verse, say it out loud to the image of Shatner. But what you will hear instead, is his voice reading rather than your own! Bringing energy to anything he says (including the dramatic reading of Sarah Palina��s Twitter feed on The Tonight Show in 2009), this one isA� instantly addictive. Speak ing of his creation, the 83-year-old veteran says to Wired, a�?Ita��s fun, ita��s informative, ita��s amusinga�� It sends the power to the user a�� I can jump like a puppet now, you can puppetize me.a�? Details: shatoetry.com

    Whether youa��re a supporter or a mild hater, you must admit that Taylor Swift has taken greeting cards to a whole new level. Forget tacky creations that open up and scare you with terrible tunes. Ita��s Swifta��s country crooning that you can send over. The singera��s card service app (Taylor Swift Greeting Cards) lets you personalise and jazz up cards to send via email, text, Twitter, Facebook or even good old snail mail. The cutesy notelets will feature lyrics from her songs. Throw in a few pennies, to add her music to it too. Word
    has it that not just teeny-boppers are going wild, but adults too appreciate this novel wayto show you care. Details: taylorswiftcards.com

    Snooping around
    Snoop Lion (formerly Dogg) brings his rapper swag to the digital age with the aptly named Snoopify. You can a�?pimpa�� up your photos to be a rebel rapper with graphics and stickers, ranging from the singersa��s G-funk era to his Rasta reggae reinvention. While the app is free, the rapper is raking in the moolah with stickers (designed by Munk One, a popular illustrator) that are charged. Before the launch, Snoop Dogg said that he wanted to become part of a larger culture and share his typical style and catch-phrases. a�?Now that everyone is heavy on social media, I wanted to create an app that would allow my fans to add fun visuals to their photos and Snoopify them-selves,a�? Snoop Dogg said, adding, a�?Ia��m bringing that new flavor to social media with thisapp, ya dig?!a�? Details: snoopifyapp.com

    Going Gaga
    Taking her stardom to the next level, Lady Gaga introduced her fans to Lady Gagaa��s Little Monster. A multimedia experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the game, Gaga keeps you constantly updated with everything she does. iPAD, iPhone, mobile and computer compatible, the interactive app/site allows you to chat, watch her films, listen to bonus tracks and music, keep updated with content from the star, play Gaga games and follow her every move from fashion and red carpet appearances to her communication with fellow fans. The star says that it also allows photos and artwork to be shared so creativity is promoted. a�?ALL DAY 24/7/ YOUa��RE an ARTPOP generation.A� Ia��m hoping you will all continue to grow together and stay connected through your creativity. much love. love, gaga,a�? she wrote on Twitter, when the app and site went live. Details: littlemonsters.com

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