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French beatmakers fuse hip hop  and reggae

Made up of Thomas Guy (known as The Architect) and Jimmy Sybelin (aka Deejo), L’Entourloop is a duo from St Etienne, France, famed for merging underground beats with classic reggae riffs. On the back of their new album, 2015 sees them touring India for the first time.

Tell us about the album.
It’s called Chickens in Your Town, and we’d say it’s a hip hop album, because of the mix between style

and culture — each track has a proper history and a real impact on the dance floor.

What’s the story behind your name?
L’Entourloupe is a 1980 movie by Gérard Pires. We love the meaning and the funny way of the film, and it’s full of ‘punchlines’ which we relate to hip hop. The second sense of L’Entourloupe is the literal meaning in French, about sampling, mixing loops, and re-arranging.

What’s on your personal playlist?
We’re always listening to something or the other! The Architect likes classic music from the 60s and 70s and I’m more into modern music. At the moment we’re loving Action Bronson’s new album, and listening to a lot of Jakarta Records artistes.

What are your hopes for this tour?
This is our first time in India, so we hope that people will be curious

about our sound and come to hear something new. We don’t know much about the evolution of turntablism in India, but we are here to make our music, translate that into happiness and we just hope that people will feel that!

Will you collaborate with any local artists?
We’re in touch with Delhi sound system Reggae Rajahs, and we are hoping to do something together. We’ll also go to all the vinyl shops that we can find to dig out some rare records to maybe make something with it later!

May 22, 8.30 pm onwards. At The Humming Tree, Indiranagar.
Details: 9886618386
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