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    Actor Michelle Dockery takes us behind the scenes of England of the 1920s

    She has won legions of fans thanks to her portrayal of Lady Mary Crawley.A� Despite rumours of her leaving the show Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery is staying. And she says season five, has been great. a�?I really enjoyed working with newer cast members like Tom Cullen (Viscount Gillingham) and Julian Ovenden (Charles Blake). Ita��s a more fun series for Mary and a happier time,a�? says the Briton, adding that shoots in Anwick Castle for the Christmas special and scenes in London broke the monotony of the previous season when she was confined to the Highclere Castle, having being widowed on the show.
    Now Dockery is looking forward to the future of her character. a�?She decides to embark on a romance with Gillingham. a�?Why cana��t I spend time with a man before I decide hea��s the one?a�� she questions. It seems very progressive and ita��s what was happening at the time for women. Maybe quite shocking on Downton but ita��s true to the era,a�? she states
    Being royal
    Speaking of the showa��s global appeal, Dockery believes that the world seems to be forever fascinated with British culture, particularly with that period a��with the aristocracy and the class system. a�?For most countries, ita��s different to their own cultures. I think thata��s the starting point. Then these two worlds colliding a�� people from different backgrounds forced to live under one roof and sometimes know each othera��s secrets,a�? she explains, adding that the a�?inter-classa�� or taboo relationships make it more interesting.
    While season six has already been commissioned, the actor hopes to branch into different roles in the mean time. a�?I enjoy doing something thata��s different and which challenges me, but thata��s not to say that if I was offered a period drama, Ia��d turn it down. It depends on the character and the story,a�? Dockery signs off.
    Premieres on Star World on
    January 23, weekdays at 10 pm.

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