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    Dare To BeA� tells the stories of 14 women who chose their passion over stable jobs

    IN AN attempt to bring the inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and their struggles to the fore, Rinku Paul (40) and Puja Singhal (40), co-founders of The Musea��the writing studio that provides businesses and companies with content writing across industriesa��are out with their book, Dare To Be. Though telling stories of women defying tradition and the patriarchal set up, it shifts between a serious narrative and the chick lit genre. The book does have an interesting line-up though, from standup comic Neeti Paltaa��who gave up a flourishing career in advertising to pursue her passiona��to the founder of Sheroes.in, Sairee Chahal, who was the first woman in her family to pursue a corporate career. Talking about theA� book, Paul says, a�?If there was one thing we werena��t short of, it was inspiration. The women not only shared their professional journeys but also their personal stories.a�? Singhal clarifies that the book a�?isna��t an irresponsible call to dump your corporate careersa�? but an impassioned appeal a�?to be true to oneself and let that guide your life and career patha�?. Talking about the struggles faced by women in the current job scenario, Paul and Singhal share their own experiences. When, after spending more than a decade in their respective corporate roles, they co-founded The Muse, Paul says most people found the decision untenable. a�?The fact that the timing came dangerously close to being qualified as a a�?mid-career crisisa�� did not help matters either,a�? she concludes.

    Published by Penguin Random House. Rs 250. Details: amazon.in

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