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    Two young YouTubers on what keeps them hooked to the game Buy cheap proscar without prescription

    From award-winning documentaries to a simple web series online, being relatable seems to be the call of the hour. Itai??i??s no surprise then that popular YouTubers like Superwoman (aka Lilly Singh), the folks at AIB and series like Little Things became popular overnight, with their quirky take on day-to-day happenings. Two such young girls who are set to join that list are Bengaluru-based Niharika NM and Mumbai-based Meghna Kaur Kaushal, who goes by the name, ai???SheTroubleMakerai??i??. Both just about a year old on YouTube, share 35 videos, close to five million views and about 90,000 subscribers between them, with their ten-minute rants on anything under the sun striking a chord with the audiences.

    The two girls found their calling in very different ways. While Kaushal had already taken to storytelling via ask.fm and Instagram, Niharika took to vlogging quite differently a year ago. ai???I realised through time that everything doesnai??i??t stay the same and that I canai??i??t count on people to make me happy. I wanted to be the source of it,ai??? says the 19-year-old engineering student whose videos like Types of Students Before an Exam and more recently, Annoying Things That Kids Do, have become hugely popular.

    ai???To put yourself out on the internet, you need to be thick-skinned, because not everyone is going to be nice to you and you need to accept that,ai??? says Niharika. On the strong ai???Superwomanai??i?? vibe from both their videos ai??i?? ai???She is so full of positivity and itai??i??s something that should rub off on us all,ai??? admits 22-year-old Kaushal, whose Awkward Situations With Parents, which released last week is inching close to a hundred thousand views.
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