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    A travel site takes a�?girls just wanna have funa�� seriously

    Born from Jyothi Naira��s struggle to travel, Beautiful Journey is a women-only platform that helps female folk fulfill their travel aspirations. a�?After quitting my techie job in 2012, I wanted to read, meditate and travel. The first two were very easy. But travel was very difficult. Friends had busy lives. My family does not like to travel much and travelling solo is not much fun for me,a�? begins Nair. And thus, with a quick and satisfying trip to Kerala, she started Beautiful Journey.

    A different route
    Not only does the all-girls team meticulously plan day-trips, weekends, Indian holidays and trips abroad, they also make sure that the schedule goes through a safety and risk review process. a�?We try our best to choose a potentially compatible group for all our trips to make sure that each journey is beautiful,a�? Nair shares, adding, a�?our effort is to provide unique experiences in all our trips.a�? So be it a hike to nearby hills, the wonder of flying an actual aircraft or going to Pushkar to get immersed in the biggest camel fair in the world, women take heed a�� have a gala time minus the men!

    Some of the trips they have already organised are far from ordinary. Think an air race and aviation-themed tour in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that gets underway next week or a chartered flight with a vantage point view of the intimidating Himalayas. Fun times at the slot machines of Las Vegas, exploring the pristine landscapes of Kenya and some fun in the sun and sand of the equatorial Galapagos islands are also a few experiences you could look forward to. Closer home, the Golden Triangle tour (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) and the Leh-Ladhak trip are on the cards this coming summer.

    Details: beautifuljourney.in

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