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Corporate seriousness gave way to modelling fun

What a respite from exams. The feeling gave way to some heavy duty partying and ramp walk opportunities to the party-goers.
Amidst this was an encouraging award evening for start up leaders and graduation, held and hosted by CtrlS Data Center. Subbu, Sravan,Sindhura and Prashant Jain a�� the host team celebrated the evening with smiles and by cheering up everyone around. The seriousness of the corporate world also got dispersed with a�?Winners take it Alla�� approach of Meghna Takbir, Ritu and Sindhura.
a�?Teach A Child Ramp Walka�� at the Taj Falaknuma Palace was another innovative way to bring forward the generosity of the elite in the city. The ramp walk participants were encouraged to contribute `25,000 to the fund and the star-lit evening witnessed the participants walking the ramp gracefully and noticed by many.
Kiran Demla in the red flowing outfit was a true unraveling of determination and confident. The woman six-packer asserted her presence on the ramp through the colour of passion. Shruti in a gold embroidered black and a purple contrast was all set to turn heads around.
Glam Kids was an eventful day both for the kids and moms. Children model their parents and this event just reinstated that.
Shaheen in the a�?Curls and Clicka�� event looked refreshing in a floral bottom with a fluorescent green. Just what the city needs on a hot dry summer.
Meanwhile, speaking of summer and the heat, here is a tip. A glass of tender coconut water is the perfect way to keep you cool and make you look cool too. Wishing you a cool week ahead.


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