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    Let children learn the tricks of the trade, along with a lesson or two about environmental awareness.

    WITH summer vacation round the corner, children will soon be done with text books and exams. But that is no reason to stop learning. Why not teach them the three Rs a�� of reuse, reduce and recycle? It was this thought that inspired Sujatha Vijay, director of Bamboola (the day care and play group centre for children) to come up with the concept of the Bamboola Barter Day, to be held on March 25.
    a�?CBSE schools close for the academic year around this time. Often, used books are just trashed or sold for a pittance. So we thought why not create an opportunity for an exchange of these books. With children going to be home for the holidays, it is also the time when parents try to get rid of old toys to make space for new. We wanted to facilitate the exchange of used toys as well,a�? she explains, adding that she would like this to be an annual ritual.
    Children can bring along dolls, toys, puzzles, art and craft materials, video games and DVDs that have been gently used. Every child will be allotted a mat that will serve as his/her stall. a�?There is strictly no money involved. Thata��s not what we want to teach kids. The idea is to let them negotiate with each other for their mutual benefit and learn what recycling and reusing are all about,a�? she adds. Hoping that the event sees active participation from children and parents, Vijay adds that there is no age limit.

    March 25, 4 – 6 pm, at the school premises at Raja Annamalaipuram.
    For registrations: 24611779

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