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    With something for the audience and the performers, IndiEarth Xchange gives independent media a boost

    Right at the cusp between the worlds of film and music festivals, IndiEarth Xchange 2014 is a platform for independent media. The third edition of the initiativea��created to showcase the best of music and filmsa��will feature performances, conferences, presentations, panel discussions and workshops, for and by music and film professionals.
    a�?Ita��s a connection hub. We want to bring together independent artistes from all over the world and give them a platform to perform and interact with the audience and each other,a�? says Sonya Mazumdar, the organiser and CEO of EarthSync, the record label and audio-visual production company that is powering the venture. a�?Ita��s not just about the gigs; it is also about creating markets and a wider reach for independent media.a�?
    Untitled-1 copyThe line up
    Some of the acts this year include Rajasthani folk master Kutle Khan Project, singer Arash from Iran, Mumbaia��s Filter Coffee, The ZenPad Experiment, Madboy/Mink from Mumbai, Blak Wax from Australia, Bangalore-based rock band Parvaaz, pop musician Justus Kohncke from Germany, city-based rock band Grey Shack and more. The event also boasts a set list of rare and difficult-to-access films including Yes ita��s on!, True Love Story, Ship of Theseus and Covelong Point.
    Among the workshops will be one by Madeline Bloom, a musician and producer from Germany. a�?It will be about using live electronics in performances,a�? she says, adding that she is excited to attendA� as the footage of the past editions a�?look really amazing.a�?
    According to flautist Shriram Sampath of Filter Coffee, a�?Ita��s one of the most talked about events in the last two years. Everyone from the independent music scene is there.a�? His partner Swarupa Ananth, a percussionist, agrees, adding that it is a great time to be in independent music because there are many opportunities and a great audience.
    Making it count
    Indeed, some of the artistes at the event wona��t just be performing to entertain. With luck, they will bag contracts from the industry peers present. In fact, some of the artists who performed at previous editions went on to sign contracts for international performances, including Audio Pervert and Nucleya. Yotam Agam a musician from Israel, and co-founder of EarthSync, explains, a�?We see some very talented musicians and filmmakers here and we want to give them a stage. IndiEarth Xchange is something that has come right from the hearts of the people that started it and ita��s an amazing initiative.a�?
    From today till Sunday, at The Park. Passes from Rs.1,000. Details: 42676000

    a��Krishna Trilok


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