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AS part of artiste and event management Mixtapea��s fifth anniversary celebration, theya��ve put together a tour across five cities a�� Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Pune. Headlining the gig in town, Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator and Whirling Kalapas will play at The Humming Tree this evening, for a night of live electro beats. Soon, after this tour, the band will head to the iconic Glastonbury festival, to headline at the Toadhall Stage. Bhat tells us more about the music and what we can expect from the gig.
Introduce your listeners to your music in one song.
I have a new song called Connected. That is the song which best encapsulates my music. It is electro, folk, rock and ambient. I grew up listening to musicians like Elvis Presley and Joe Satriani, so there are influences of them too.

More on the strong bass you use.
Well, ita��s not a conscious decision on the bass. For a song to happen, it needs to be move me either in terms of groove or its message. Or best, both. Some songs can take years to finish while some just take a week to write or produce and record.

What would you change about the Indian music scene?
Ia��d cut out the hype and concentrate on making meaningful content.

What is the hardest and best part of being a musician?
It is hard not knowing if you have another song in you. What I most enjoy as a musician is the possibility of writing music that might express exactly what you feel.

What can we expect from the gig?
Youa��ll be privy to three new tracks from my upcoming new EP. The crowd in Bangalore is a listenersa�� one a�� that is the best thing for an artiste.
Has technology changed music?
It depends on who is using that technology. Bad music was always around. Now there is just a lot of it. But, again, there is a lot more of great music being made from bedrooms all over the world.

Youa��re headed to Glastonbury. What does that feel like?
Unbelievable. Incredible. Unreal. It will be a collaborative performance with sarangi player Suhail Yusuf Khan, who is an integral part of the alternative fusion band Advaita and drummer Ashwin Andrew.

Free event. At The Humming Tree, Indiranagar.
Details: 9886618386

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