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    g77 Cafe promises an eclectic menu and interesting cocktails

    HE NEW g77 CafA� joins the list of places that now have Indiranagar on their postal address. A two-storied resto-pub on the packed-to-the-gills 100ft Road, it comes from the stable of the MRG Group that owns Goldfinch, Sanadige and Banjara Melting. The space has all the ingredients to make it a pitstop on what has now become staple on a night out a�� pub hopping.

    This resto-pub has two levels a�� one, an ambient-lit space around the expansive bar, ideal for when you are catching a match on the large screen. Another, a small flight of stairs up. Here you have a mix of lounge seating and table and chair affairs, with large bulbs descending from the ceiling on coir ropes. All ye vertically endowed watch out, or it may be some enlightening moments for you! The large, glass wall overlooking 100ft Road gives you a sense of satisfaction, morning or night to know that you are comfortably nursing a drink instead of stressing out in traffic.
    The Mexican Stud, served in a purple skull bowl, is a mix of Tequila, pineapple, orange, coconut and egg white. The orange is blowtorched and squeezed into the mix. Reminiscent of a tiki bowl, this drink has to be downed quickly for the egg to hold steady till the end. The Tower of Love is a berry puree mix with vodka brought to you in a replica of that ode to love a�� the Eiffel Tower. Served up in little juice glasses, this works nicely for an afternoon indulgence. The one to nurse is the Dark Dreams a�� a mix of Whiskey, Kahlua and coffee, topped off with tobacco and applewood smoke. The same mix is rendered in drops thanks to some molecular gastronomy and placed on the serving platter. With the smoke out of the glass, the drink is potent and has a lingering smoky taste. The drops are a more delicate and delicious version. Wrap it up with a shot of the Blow Job which brings in Kahlua, Baileya��s and whipped cream. Heavy, but a good way to end.
    You wona��t find a central theme to the menu, but it does offer up a massive choice in the bar food section. The Melting Pots of Chicken have pani puri shells filled with cheese and minced chicken a�� a moist, spicy mouthful, but the vertical crisps standing tall in them have to be eaten first, else you could poke yourself in the nose. Served in a miniature merry-go-round, dona��t forget to get at some of the crisp okra at the bottom of each serving cup. If you like to hear the sound of fire engines clanging in the background, the Chicken Piri Piri, juicy, flattened pieces of chicken in Piri Piri sauce, followed by the Cheesy Chinese Tikka, an Indian-Chinese rendition topped with cheese, will fit the bill. The Butter Garlic Prawns, bound to be a favourite, has all the right ingredients but could do with a lighter sauce.
    The mains cover it all from burgers to pizzas, sandwiches and subs to pastas and a range of one plate meals. With its Mangalorean heritage the restaurant offers ghee roast, kori rotti and Anjal masala fry. Of the desserts, the Elaneer Payasam hits the sweet spot in terms of texture, levels of sweetness and taste.
    g77 goes with the current trend of gimmicky cutlery and serving dishes made of miniature charpoys, cycle rickshaws, hand carts, iron boxes and merry-go-rounds. A table for two may need a table for four to make room for it all. The drinks are quite potent ensuring that a few down equals a good nighta��s sleep.

    Rs 1,500++ for two. At 100ft Road, Indiranagar. Details: 45128719

    a�� Ruth Dsouza Prabhu


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