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    Saravana Dhanpal waves Indiaa��s flag on an international talent competition

    Representing India at the Asiaa��s Got Talent reality show, Saravana Dhanpal is no stranger to fire dances and theatrics. Founding member of the group, Agnii, which excels at drum circles, fire dances, and mural paintings, he is also well known for the hollow man act and stilt puppetry. Telling us about being on the talent show and competing with others from the sub-continent, Dhanpal explains that for a common man, representing the nation is a high.
    a�?I am a common man. And for a man like me, it is really a very big opportunity. It has changed my life completely. It is a big platform and with it comes so much of experience,a�? he begins, adding that while winning would be ideal, for an artiste, being on this kind of a platform brings visibility and lots of good energy within the performer. a�?The feeling right before entering the stage would always be the realisation that I am representing India, and that I ought to give my best for my country. But at this level, the judges are not as gentle as those on Indiaa��s Got Talent,a�? he says, adding, a�?They have different view points and have a broad perspective. To impress them is really difficult. More so when the other artistes have much to bring to the table, too.a�?
    Admitting that the results are the hardest part of the competition, Dhanpal even states that the second before stepping on the stage also gives him jitters. a�?One has to be focussed not only throughout the performance but beyond that, too. It is the whole process that starts from the morning till the end,a�? he shares. Not one to shy away from giving credit, Dhanpal says that this season is a tough one. a�?Contestants from Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia really inspired me. They had different and interesting musical instruments. They were really good at what they did,a�? he signs off.
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