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    Gavin Reid, Krish Kumar,James Macmillan and Nicola Benedetti

    The latest edition of the Hennessey Artistry Club series made a stop in Chennai this weekend, to showcase a�?the global art of mixinga��.

    Suchi and Ranjit

    Suchi and Ranjit

    Music, alternative culture and, of course, a�?tastea�� are the key factors that make this platform so popular. Thanks to earlier presentations, we were more thanA� ready for what the series had to offer. This time around the star attractions were Hamza, one of Indiaa��s pioneering House music producers, along with European electronic dance music genius, Coyu, at Q Bar.

    While Hamzaa��s style of House combines deep, tribal and funky sounds with world music, Coyu brings an eclectic European sound. The unique combo resulted in just the right vibe, although the crowd was slightly younger than the norm. The sweltering heat didna��t seem to be too much of a bother, as they happily moved between the dance floor and the bar. Specially concocted samplers were being served all evening, from fine cognac over soda or ice, to a splash of ginger ale with cinnamon or apple.

    On the subject of sampling, earlier on in the week, the Paleolithic diet was the subject of conversation at the Pa Leo Enclave campaign launch by The Medical Park. The a�?Paleoa�� diet, which mimics the diet of the caveman, has found favour with more than a few celebrities

    Rajshee and Sophie

    Rajshee and Sophie

    a��a��from Megan Fox to Miley Cyrus.A� Launching the campaign in Chennai was actor Denise Welch. The former TV star not only took part in the traditional festivities, but seemed very comfortable in her silk sari.

    Meanwhile, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestraa��s (SSO) first performance in the city (before they headed to Delhi and Mumbai) gave us an excuse to go black tie on Saturday. The event by Madras Seva Sadan at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall saw an audience of about 1,100 that soaked up the genius of Felix Mendelssohn (The Hebrides), Mozart (Violin Concerto No 5 in A Major), and Tchaikovsky (SymphonyA� No 4 in F Minor). Acclaimed composer-conductor James Macmillan and the gifted violinist Nicola Benedetti slipped in gems like Robert Burnsa�� My Love is Like a Red Red Rose. We liked that Chennai made for a punctual, warm and receptive audience, the enthusiastic applause between movements notwithstanding.

    a��Paloma Rao (paloma@newindianexpress.com)




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