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    When it comes to out-of-box food products, Karen Anand’s suggestions can sure come handy.

    The Bengaluru Farmersa�� Market is all about discovering interesting goodies. And Karen Anand, founder of the popular event, is constantly on the look out for innovative creations. Herea��s a list of her favorite artisanal products:
    Cheese: a�?Caroselle, the artisanal cheese brand from Kodaikanal makes delicious Camembert and Italian Montasio cheese,a�? says Anand. The other cheese she recommends is the blue cheese by Mango Hill from Pondicherry, which is also available in Bengaluru, and Flanders from Haryana. a�?They make the tastiest European cheese,a�? she says, adding, a�?And then therea��s Father Michael from Bengaluru, whose Burrata and mozzarella are delicious.a�?
    Wine: a�?As far as wines go, I would say Charossa, and Reveilo, both from Maharashtra, are to watch out for,a�? Anand says. Charossa makes good Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc, and Reveilo is known for its grillo (a white wine), and the nero da��avola.
    Honey: According to Anand, Sanjeevani Organicsa�� chestnut honey is something everyone must try. Then therea��s Honey Twigs that not only makes delicious honey but also packages them in slim sachets for convenience.
    Cakes and sweets: a�?I would recommend Frugurpop, which is currently available in Mumbai and Gurgaon, and I hope they come to Bengaluru soon,a�? says Anand, adding, a�?They make absolutely natural iced lollies for summer in flavours such as kiwi, berry, chickoo, and other local fruits.a�? The other recommendation is the granola bars by Bites of Bliss. a�?They are all natural, and tasty for sure. I myself love eating them,a�? she says.
    Fresh produce: Ananda��s fondness for fresh organic produce is no secret, and they are one of the key features of the Farmersa�� Market series. a�?First Agro from Bengaluru is doing a fine job. Then there is Organic Mandi from Kolkata, and Green Tokri from Pune,a�? Anand says.
    Beverages: a�?I have to mention the passionfruit juice that the Bengaluru-based company Pig Out makes. Their quality is top notch,a�? suggests Anand. And as far as tea and coffee go, she picks Rujani from Assam and The Kettlery from Ahmedabad. a�?Also, Flying Squirrel from Bengaluru and Sidapur Coffee from Coorg make terrific coffee,a�? she adds.
    April 2 and 3. Noon to 10 pm. At VR Bengaluru, Whitefield.
    Details: karensfarmersmarkets.in
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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