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    When it comes to out-of-box food products, Karen Anand’s suggestions can sure come handy.

    The Bengaluru Farmers’ Market is all about discovering interesting goodies. And Karen Anand, founder of the popular event, is constantly on the look out for innovative creations. Here’s a list of her favorite artisanal products:
    Cheese: “Caroselle, the artisanal cheese brand from Kodaikanal makes delicious Camembert and Italian Montasio cheese,” says Anand. The other cheese she recommends is the blue cheese by Mango Hill from Pondicherry, which is also available in Bengaluru, and Flanders from Haryana. “They make the tastiest European cheese,” she says, adding, “And then there’s Father Michael from Bengaluru, whose Burrata and mozzarella are delicious.”
    Wine: “As far as wines go, I would say Charossa, and Reveilo, both from Maharashtra, are to watch out for,” Anand says. Charossa makes good Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc, and Reveilo is known for its grillo (a white wine), and the nero d’avola.
    Honey: According to Anand, Sanjeevani Organics’ chestnut honey is something everyone must try. Then there’s Honey Twigs that not only makes delicious honey but also packages them in slim sachets for convenience.
    Cakes and sweets: “I would recommend Frugurpop, which is currently available in Mumbai and Gurgaon, and I hope they come to Bengaluru soon,” says Anand, adding, “They make absolutely natural iced lollies for summer in flavours such as kiwi, berry, chickoo, and other local fruits.” The other recommendation is the granola bars by Bites of Bliss. “They are all natural, and tasty for sure. I myself love eating them,” she says.
    Fresh produce: Anand’s fondness for fresh organic produce is no secret, and they are one of the key features of the Farmers’ Market series. “First Agro from Bengaluru is doing a fine job. Then there is Organic Mandi from Kolkata, and Green Tokri from Pune,” Anand says.
    Beverages: “I have to mention the passionfruit juice that the Bengaluru-based company Pig Out makes. Their quality is top notch,” suggests Anand. And as far as tea and coffee go, she picks Rujani from Assam and The Kettlery from Ahmedabad. “Also, Flying Squirrel from Bengaluru and Sidapur Coffee from Coorg make terrific coffee,” she adds.
    April 2 and 3. Noon to 10 pm. At VR Bengaluru, Whitefield.
    Details: karensfarmersmarkets.in
    — Priyadarshini Nandy


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