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    Concept head of Foodhall, Avni Biyani, talks about some of her favourite retail spots across the globe, and the A�latest addition to her business

    16food9Avni Biyani,ConceptHead,FoodhallI have seen some of the most beautiful food markets around the world,a�? begins Avni Biyani, adding, a�?In fact people ask me if Foodhall is inspired by any of them. I must say that while I have found interesting elements in different food markets, what we have been mostly inspired by are our own market places. For instances, our vegetable section is inspired by the INA Market in Delhi. But yes, Europe and some Asian countries have beautiful food halls; ita��s hard to name all of them.a�? Here are a few places Biyani picked out for us:

    Isetan, Tokyo
    This food hall is one of the busiest in Tokyo. Located at the basement of the Isetan department store, the food hall not only has an eye-popping range of groceries, fruits, and vegetables, it also houses food from pretty much all around the world. From traditional Japanese food, to Chinese, Italian, American sandwiches, desserts, one is literally spoilt for choice here.

    Siam Paragon, Bangkok
    Spread across 8,000 square meters, Siam Paragon is massive for sure, but ita��s also brilliantly planned. Apart from the usual array of fresh food, packaged products, and groceries, you can buy food from diferent regions of Thailand, and international foods. The fresh fruits and vegetables section has produce from all over the world, including figs from Iran.

    Harrroda��s , London
    Harroda��s isna��t just a shopping destination a�� ita��s where you find food heaven, among other thing of course. You can buy 350 varieties of cheese, a mindboggling range of teas, chamapagne, caviar, seafood, bakery products, fresh meats, fresh produce, and luxury gift hampers.

    Torvehallerne, Copenhagen
    More than 60 kiosks, selling almost everything you might require for your kitchen and larder and available Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. From fresh meat, fish, spices, desserts and other bakery products, to fresh produce a�� you wona��t find it easy to leave this space empty handed.

    Plaza Hotel a�� New York
    Spread across 32,000 square feet, The food hall at Plaza Hotel lets you buy exotic foods, and eat some of the best foods of New York. This retail outlet is home to some of the leading brands in the food space, including Lukea��s Lobster, Olma Caviar Boutique & bar, Piada, Sabi Sushi, La Maison du Chocolate, Vin Sur Vingt, and Ora di Pasta, among others.

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