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    A healthy vegetarian set lunch thata��s low on calories and high on nutrition

    A visit to Sanjeevanam for their Rajakeeyam lunch is a wonderful journey of naturopathy. Located in Koramangala and surrounded byfood8lead8 large, fruit-bearing trees, the restaurant is set within glass walls and a glass roof, giving you the feeling of dining outside in a garden. There is also an Ayurvedic Therapy Center in the same compound if you want a relaxing massage at some point during your visit. But, we were there, strictly, to check out the menu. We started with a copper glass of warm cumin-boiled water to get our digestive juices flowing. Then came the starters. A large slice of nendra banana sprinkled with a bit of grated coconut (to prevent acidity), then, five shot glasses of date extract, liquid cashew paste, vegetable clear soup, harita (mint) buttermilk and rice bran water. Phew! All in sequence and meant to further activate our taste buds.

    food8lead7Light and fresh
    The first course consisted of a range of raw, uncooked treats a�� a salad of chopped cucumber, carrot and sprouted mung, banana stem in tangy yogurt, a mixed salad with coriander dressing and then, finely chopped edible leaves. The second course was semi-cooked a�� two out of the four items served were yogurt based and tasted rather similar. Yellow pumpkin was lightly cooked with jaggery and deliciously seasoned with finely chopped banana flower, so delicate in flavour that we ate every morsel.
    The main course had four different gravies, including a pineapple rasam and four poriyals (vegetables). Avial a�� mixed-vegetable nestling in a thick curd and coconut base, was one of the poriyals on the menu, and one of the tastiest coconut and gram mixes I have ever eaten. There is a choice of red rice, white rice or chapatis to go with the curries.

    We ended our main course with a bowl of seasoned buttermilk, which was followed by some payasam, made with a healthy combination of jaggery and red rice. After a teaspoon of honey to wash down the healthy meal, we were each given a tender beeda, made of grated vegetables and dry fruit to round off our lunch.

    Rajakeeyam lunch, Rs. 380. A la carte, `250 upwards. At 2nd Block, Koramangala. Details: 9900023201

    a�� Vani Reddy


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