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    Ace comedian Rajiv Rajaram talks about why Chennai never stops trending online.

    Ever since they began their online journey a year and half ago, Put Chutney has managed to capture the interest of netizens in the city and beyond with their humourous take on ordinary aspects of the city. With Independence Day and Madras Week drawing close, the team has a rich pool of content planned with the segment Spoken Word by Rajmohan, writer at the Culture Machine of which Put Chutney is a part. There is also a series of feel good videos bringing stories about Chennai and its people through the course of the week on their YouTube channel. Talking about what keeps Chennai trending, Rajiv Rajaram (31), creative director at the Culture Machine says, a�?The immortality of stereotypes and the simultaneous urge to clarify and break them is an unending process giving much scope for discussion and of course comedy a�� there is much satirical content that was once Mumbai and Delhi centric.a�? Their videos like What if Batman Was From Chennai featuring Batman in a lungi went viral, opening up audiences to a Chennai that can laugh at itself. At the same time, their Roadside-Stories series covers social awareness themes like helmet law. Their inspirational take on the floods with their I am Chennai compilation left not a dry eye. Rajaram, a Madurai native who landed in the city 11 years ago and started off as a stand up comic, concedes that it all boils down to this, a�?The city has a signature wit a�� we love wordplay and are always game for a good pun.a�?
    Put Chutneya��s I-Day special will be out on August 16.

    a�� Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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