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Try unusual varieties of this juicy ripe fruit this summer and be prepared to be floored by the choice

Sample this: mangoes the size of a thumb or mangoes that can fit in you palms, mangoes named like some old tale; mangoes named Laila Kii Ungli, Gulab Khaas, Khasamkhas, Apple Mango and even Coconut Mango. We are not reading from some encyclopedia, the variants of this King of Fruits are here in Hyderabad. Not all at your local bazaar, but at the choicest organic markets and stores. This fruit which has a rich history of 4,000 years will stay in the markets even after the rains come – till August. We are not listing the 1,000 varieties that mango has we bring you the choicest ones. Read on to relish these golden fragrant summer companions.

Tennis ball sized onesA�at Kosagaram Organic Store
Yes. They are the size of a tennis ball and weigh something around 80 gms. Sweet and juicy they are sourced from East Godavari regions of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. These are better varieties of mangoes called Panchadara Kalishelu. Elaborates the owner Khushi Chand, a�?Ita��s Andhra variety fruit and available only in Rajahmundry market. It tastes best when ita��s fully ripe.a�? He sells it for Rs 180 per kg at his shop in Manikonda. Details: 9949777709

Little Laila Ki Ungli
An anecdotal name and equally surprising size. It is the size of your thumb. And no ita��s not named Thumblina. Ita��s known as Laila Ki Ungli because of its delicate-tender skin. And not many people know about it because of its rarity. You can get it directly from the farmer. With rarity comes the price, it is sold for Rs 250 per kg. And you need to buy it from select fruit-sellers at Moazzam Jahi Market.

Mallika variety at Sristi Naturals
These fruits look like Rasalu, but are bigger and taste like Dussehris. Owner Satya Kodali is not happy with the crop this year and has sourced it from different rural pockets of Telangana. He runs the store at Kukatpally. a�?The fruit is a combination mango,a�? he says. Price Rs 150 per kg. Details: 9866647534

Alphonso Kesar at GoodSeeds
It has the hue of faded gold and tastes heavenly. It is Alphonso Kesar. With a delicate thin skin, it tastes sweet with a slight hint of tanginess and is categorised as one of the juiciest fruits. Available at GoodSeeds, Film Nagar, it comes for `250 per kg. Says owner Narayan Murthy, a�?We also get varieties like Imam Pasand, Kothapali, Rasalus from farmers of Zaheerbad and Shamsabad. a�? Details: 7207273337

Luscious Panduri at Sage Organics
Nestled in a lush green corner of Jubilee Hills, this organic store has choicest fruits the colour of jade. No they are not the common Banaganapalli mangoes, they can fit within your palms. These juicy small mangoes are called Panduri mangoes. A bit too sweet, they are brought to the city from the coastal town of Kakinada. Says the manager Afeef, a�?On Wednesdays, we organise the organic bazaar for our customers.a�? This dark green variety is sold for Rs 250 per kg.
Details: 9849415500

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