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HRC is all set to introduce new delicacies at its Banjara Hills cafe and bar

Hard Rock Cafe is going to rock you this summer with its a�?Taste of Mexicoa�� festival. The fest will be on in the outlets across Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. It begins on May 2 and continues till May31.
HRC is going to include corn majorly in many of its dishes such as Smoky Mexican Street Corn Salad and Samosettes of corn and cheddar cheese. Without tacos no Mexican celebration can be complete so, the outlet has decided to fuse sweet potatoes with quinoa; the combination gives the delight a typical sweet flavour. And whata��s more you can enjoy the delicious food with a range of drinks like Mexican Bull Dog Margarita, Amigo with Blueberry Crush and the Cranberry and Lychee Margarita. Dona��t miss their fun drink Tequila Slammer. Ita��s not just food and drinks that you are going to enjoy there. Gear up for a variety of fun-filled games like Macho Nacho Contest of standing and eating bowlfuls of nachos. The first one to finish the nachos will be the winner. And then there is Mexican hat dancing with crazy tunes and sombrero dance. If you are caught with sombrero then you must eat a burning-hot pepper. There will also be a Salsa Pop night for the party people. Price: Sstarts from `400++ taxes. Details: 24549492

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