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    Inippukaram, another online address for traditional savouries and sweets

    WITH my roots partially in Tirunelveli, and being a sugar junkie to boot, the week old e-store, Inippukaram, has my undivided attention. Especially when partner, city-based Bobby Arun, tells me about the halwa. a�?We have tied up with the famous Lakshmi Vilas Lala mithai kadai in Tirunelvelia��the oldest in this linea��started in 1882. We are their sole online distributors in the country and overseas. What sets us apart from others is that we pick up the halwa straight from the kitchen and not from store racks.a�?
    Arun who hails from Tirunelveli, tells me that they also hope to encourage and preserve the heritage recipes and methods. For instance, the Tirunelveli halwa is cooked on fire made of dried cashew fruit skin and legend has it that only the water from the river Thamirabarani gives the sweet its distinct flavour. Their retail menu include the likes of butter chev and Andhra murukku, while specials like karupatti jangiri from Sivakasi and chuthu mittai need a minimum order of three kilos and are part of their bulk order menu.
    a�?Our USP is to source signature native sweets and savouries, and introduce the range to people outside the region. For some it will be nostalgia, while for others it will be a novelty,a�? says the 37-year-old entrepreneur, who has already got enquiries from overseas and 14 orders within hours of launching. Also coming up is their Android app.
    Tirunelveli halwa at `384 for 250 gms. Details: inippukaram.com



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