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Stay in sync with A�your vehicle through these tracking apps

From real time location updates to details on fuel and carbon emission, get up to speed with your vehicle.

Trak N Tell: Launched in 2008, Trak N Tella��s new features work with the TNT 888 device to be installed in your vehicle. Apart from movement alerts, it also notifies you if youa��re overspeeding or driving rashly. Latest features include Nav Traf (navigation with real time traffic info) and a panic button. The geo fence feature allows you to set an area out of which if your car moves, you will be notified.
On Android. Details:trakntell.com

GPS Vehicle Tracking: Launched this year, the app allows three modes of views a�� standard, satellite and hybrid, and also shows the last known location of your vehicle, along with details of date, time and speed. You can set speed limits and fuel refill alerts, and get directions to the nearest vehicle or to a location of your choice.
On Android. gpstrackit.com

Car Tracking System: Besides the usual features, the app can start the engine and send alarms to your smartphone for low battery, moving without ignition, etc. Launched this year, it also helps you schedule the cara��s next maintenance and displays a digital odometer as well.
On Android. Details: play.google.com

Tracking Genie: Best for managing a fleet, the 2015 app Tracking Genie gives historical reports of locations, rides, speed and fuel management. The highlight is the thermal sensor feature that notifies you if any prowler is attempting to steal your vehicle.
On Android. Details:trackinggenie.com
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