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    A new way to pay is becoming popular in the city. And, it doesna��t involve cash

    The bill has arrived, but wherea��s the wallet? Worse still, youa��ve got one but not enough cash. Technology is at your service, again, to help you go cashless at restaurants, shopping malls, exhibitions and even during auto rides. Get these wallet-free bill payment apps in your pockets.
    Binge: It currently focuses on the F&B industry. So, while you are enjoying dinner with your family or friends, the bill generated can be seen live on the app. Just tap on the app when you check-out to settle the bill. You can leave a tip as well over the app. You can load the app with your multiple visa/master debit/credit cards securely. To ensure more privacy, the app generates a unique Binge ID; no need of your mobile number. Available on Android and iOS. Details: letsbinge.com Momoe: Ita��s not uncommon for us to argue with auto drivers for change, which is rightfully ours. Momoe (or, Mobile Money) started off as a bill settlement app at restaurants and extended to retail stores later. Now, it even lets you pay for auto rides. Just enter the mobile number of the driver, follow it up with the fare and you are good to go. Momoe has currently tied up with more than 1,000 auto drivers in Bengaluru. What more, you can even split your bill with friends over the app, and forget the uneasy calculations.
    On Android and iOS. Details: momoe.inA�UltraCash: You can reap more benefits with apps like this. If you are an UltraCash user, you can earn loyalty rewards, cash-backs, and referral credit, and get exclusive offers at UltraCash-friendly shops, eateries or even in cabs. Currently, only ICICI bank account holders can use its services. On iOS. Details: ultracash.in


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