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    Chef Tanuja Kerker is in town to give us a taste of what keeps the countrya��s party capital ticking

    Hyatt-Regency20Stuck at work while your friends are enjoying a summer vacation in Goa? We may not be able to conjure up all-night beach parties or flea markets, but if a helping of Xacuti will do, we will recommend you stop by at Hyatt Regency for some respite. With chef Tanuja Kerker from Divar (a small Goan island) in town, Spice Haat is hosting a festival featuring the best of Goa a�� all prepared with Kerkera��s signature touches that have made her the star at Casa Sarita, the Goan speciality restaurant of Park Hyatt Goa. The chef talks to us about a few masalas (and some home made pork sausages) she has brought down for the festival.

    Pork sausages
    Homemade with pork leg, vinegar, red chilli, garlic, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc.
    ? Pork chorizo pao
    ? Sausage chilli fry
    ? Sausage pulao

    Kokum masala
    The Maharashtrian version differs from the Kerala version, and has a distinct sour flavour. On the menu:Hyatt-Regency21
    ? Goan fish curry
    ? A special chutney
    ? Beef chilli fry

    Cafreal masala
    Made with coriander, capsicum, green chilli, pudina, and toddy vinegar, among other spices.
    ? Chicken cafreal
    ? Fish cafreal
    ? Cafreal vegetables

    -Ryan Peppin


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