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    Celebrate the footy mood with speciality dishes from the land of sun, sand and feni at the Lalit Ashok

    Chef Martina Fernandes is a natural born cook (she never went to formal hospitality school) and reallyA� enjoys bringing the spices and flavours of home-style cooking to the table. Arriving in Bangalore with her stash of a�?chillies, vinegar and secret ingredientsa��, plus a few bottles of pure cashew feni, she puts together a menu that smacks of good, honest Goan food. So, if you have not been to Goa lately and are craving a spicy-vinegary dose of vindaloo, xacuti and fresh seafood, make your way to the Lalit Ashok this weekend and tuck in. Even those unfamiliar with nuances of Goan cuisine will find the menu very easy to navigate.

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    Start with chicken xacuti in a delicious blend of green coriander, coconut and spices, that sets the tone for slices of King fish smothered in a fiery red masala to follow. The rich redness does not pack any heat though a�� just a gentle sweet-hot punch that comes from the chilli ground in the vinegar freshly extractedA� from the coconut palm.

    For mains, you could try a creamy coconut prawn curry, redolent with kokum pods and a sweet hot vindaloo served with brown rice and a crunchy fugath (a simple veggie preparation). On the side are great options like a helping of fragrant sausage pulao washed down with cocktails with a nice feni twist. Round off your meal with a wedge of layered bebinca and dodol (a rich sweet made from black rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk) with a dollop of ice cream on the side.

    Rs. 1,195++.A� Available for dinner only. Details: 30527777

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