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    Cafe Mojo comes to the city with the promise of authentic fare and classic drinks

    Nitrogen-induced degustation menus have been the talk of the town for sometime now.

    From creative presentations to unusual food pairings, everyone, from restaurateurs to guests, have been on a roll.

    ai???We are breaking this trend and going back to the good old days of ai???classic pub with good grubai??i??,ai??? says Samarth Kholkar, CEO, Cafe Mojo ai??i?? the iconic pub from Panjim, Goa.

    After successful stints in Mumbai and Mangalore, Cafe Mojo opens its doors in Bengaluru. True to Kholkarai??i??s claims, the setting and ambiance give us an impression of a traditional pub. The artwork on the facade and interiors apes Mario Mirandaai??i??s style.

    Authentic showcase

    The drinks include experimental and classic cocktails, while the food menu is a mix of continental and authentic Goan fare.

    Aiming to stick to Goan food, we started with the Susegado, a vodka-based cocktail infused with mint and orange. The mild concoction is highly recommended for a laid-back lunch. Just sip, relax, eat and sip again.

    Starters included a serving of Calamari Rechado and Prawns Cafreal. The fiery, tangy rechado had us downing endless amounts of water. Traditionally cooked with chicken, the cafreal was teamed with the prawns on request and was a great combination. The coarse ground green chilli and coconut masala complemented the soft meaty prawns that were marinated well. While we were reeling from the assault of spices, the sweet and sour Sweet Basil Martini (mix of vanilla vodka, orange juice and fresh basil) helped assuage the heat.

    We also tried the Goan-style Chilli Pork. The meat wasnai??i??t too tender, neither was it tough to chew. The Goan Sausage Pizza was next in line. The smoky notes from the Goan sausage may not be for everyone, but the dish is highly recommended.

    The Goan Fish Curry (made with Basa) and the Basa Rawa Fry were the highlights of the meal. The ground coconut gravy, flavoured with traditional spices, makes a sinfully rich combination. The coating on the rawa fry was crisp, just the way we like it, and worked well with the filet of fish.

    We concluded our elaborate Goan meal with the much-loved Bebinca. This one too is sourced from a Goan household, like their spices,
    they claim. This layered, soft and fluffy dessert is paired with vanilla ice cream.

    Overall, Cafe Mojo is a friendly neighbourhood pub that scores high on food and drinks.

    Rs 1,200++ for two. At St Markai??i??s Road. Details: 41440073

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