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    Show off your singing chops at The Gateway Hotel and Rolling Stone magazinea��s karaoke competition next week

    Crooning and corporate life dona��t usually go together. Unless you moonlight as a rockstar, that is. a�?But doesna��t everyone dream of being a rockstar at some point?a�? smiles Arpito Gope, group director of Rolling Stone India. And invariably the one segment that tends to miss out on all the fun rock a�?na�� roll that the city puts out, are those hard at work, juggling those balance sheets, he adds. So of course, a remedy is in order. And it comes in the form of the citya��s first Karaoke Championship for corporates, courtesy Rolling Stone and The Gateway Hotels & Resorts Group.

    Good to sing
    If youa��re unsure about the strength of your bathroom vocals, herea��s something you probably didna��t consider. According to neuro-psychiatrist Dr Rangarajan of Fortis Malar Hospital, a�?Singing for the fun of it is not only a great stress buster, it can also help you reboot to up your performance at the work place.a�? Dona��t believe us? Brace yourself for this gem. a�?I remember reading a study that cows produce more milk while listening to a soothing Michael Jackson song,a�? counselling psychologist, Saras Bhaskar, tells us. a�?Really, music can be a positive stimulant all round,a�? she states, cautioning, a�?Watch out for the competition bug that can bring your stress levels right back up if you let it.a�?

    Pick up the mic
    So let your hair down. And we dona��t mean because ita��s time to turn the shower faucet on. Who knows, you may meet someone who hates Justin Bieber as much as you do a�� but leta��s not get ahead of ourselves. First, you need to pick a tune for your audition. Fortunately, stage fright wona��t be a problem as this can be done Wherever, Whenever (belly dancing like Shakira could be a bonus)…and then uploaded on to competition website.
    The last date for registration is August 18. The finals will take place on August 21 at Swirl, The Gateway Hotel, IT Expressway. Upload your audio or video audition clip on rollingstoneindia.com/ckc

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