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    Introducing a a�?resistancea�� stage, Grammy-nominated DJ Nic Fanciulli is on a world tour, with Mumbai on the calendar

    Nic Fanciulli is no stranger to world tours. In fact, during his 15-year long career as a record label owner, resident DJ at superclubs in Ibiza (like Space and Ushuaia) and as an internationally acclaimed artist, his tour calender reflected over 120 worldwide gigs, every year. Now, hea��s tied up with the music festival brand, Ultra Worldwide, to promote theirA� a�?resistancea�� stage in eight countries within a span of 10 days. He will be exposing thousands of new mainstream EDM fans to underground sounds (think techhouse, house and techno) that are seldom given the importance that commercial sounds get. This global tour will see him visit India for the second time, in four years, at Blue Frog (Mumbai) on April 8.

    The stage is set
    a�?Over the past few years, as the Indian dance music scene has exploded, ita��s largely been off the back of a mainstream sound which is what our audiences have been listening to,a�? says Nikhil Chinapa , co-founder at Submerge, who are partnering with Ultra for the event. He explains that the a�?resistancea�� stage echoes Submergea��s own philosophy of going against the grain and breaks new ground in dance music. Fanciulli, whose parents played a huge part in his love for disco/house music (his mom was a Playboy bunny and dad, a professional football player) says, a�?It is about creating, for the very first time, a global movement in the history of dance music.a�? Besides testing out tracks from his yet-to-release debut album, the Grammy-nominated artist also intends to try some of the hottest records (like Play the Room by Hot since 82) from his own label, Saved Records, during the tour. Also, expect to hear Stefano Noferinia��s Daze Shade and the Detlef remix of One of Us by Sabb. a�?Wea��re making a documentary of the tour and will be streaming it live (on Be @TV). So whether fans are at home looking at a laptop or with me in the club a�� we will bring global audiences together through a shared experience a�� music,a�? he concludes.
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    After the tour
    a�?After ending the tour on April 11 at Manchester, the home of acid house, I intend to finish my debut album and finalise my next Ibiza residency, alongside Joris Voorn,a�? Fanciulli explains. Also keep an eye out for the second edition of his UK-based music festival, The Social, as he intends to present a bigger line-up of multi genre artists.

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