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    Get your fill of the most exotic varieties of this tropical fruit with these easy delivery options

    Whether ita��s the ever popular Alphonso or the messy yet delicious Kalapadi variety, enjoy summera��s best gift without having to leave the comfort of your home.

    Food9Lead01Naturea��s Basket
    Possibly the most superior and A�consequently the most favoured variety, Alphonsos are known for their rich, creamy texture that has a low content of fibre. Perfect for the sorbet, ice cream and mousse. Naturea��s Basket has premium A�quality Alphonsos that cost Rs 900 for a A�dozen. The store also has stocks of Badami (Rs 160 per kg), Kesar (Rs 199 per kg), and Pairi (Rs 199 per kg). Details: naturesbasket.co.in

    Mango Uncle
    The cheesy moniker aside, A�Mango Uncle delivers Grade A+ A�quality Payari mangoes, sourced from Ratnagiri, a coastal town in Maharashtra. The fruit has green skin and bright yellow pulp when ripe. Largely used for Indian sweets like halwa and shrikhand, this comes at a price tag of Rs 1,000 per dozen. Details: mangouncle.com

    Food9Lead4aBig Basket
    This online grocery store boasts an A�extensive array of varieties that range from organically grown Raspuri, Malgoa, Sugar Baby and Totapuri to Lalbagh (Sindhura), Kalapadi, Mallika and Badami. Kalapadi, one of the lesser known varieties, is grown mostly in Andhra Pradesh. The fruits have a sweet, tangy pulp that is pale yellow. The Sugar Baby, a fibrous variant with a sugary sweet flesh is also one of the less popular ones, but certainly scored high on taste. Rs 48 upwards. Details: bigbasket.com

    Food9Lead5Place of Origin
    Sourced from mango A�orchards in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra, Aamrai, a Mumbai-based organic brand, uses Place of Origin as a platform to sell their premium quality mangoes. Choose from Baby Hapus, a miniature version of the mighty Alphonso, and the regular variant. Rs 850 upwards. Details: placeoforigin.in

    Offering a mix of varieties like Dashehri, Himayat, Bangenapalli, Alphonso and Mallika, fresh from an organic farm in Nalgonda district of Telangana, this site is sure to spoil you for choice. If you cana��t make up your mind about one particular variety, they even have the option of choosing an assorted box of all the different variants. `449 upwards. Details: ar4mangoes.com

    Text: Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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