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    Omi Gurung and his green fashion revolution

    A 23-year-OLD designer from Sikkim, with a fashion degree from Bangalore University, has chosen to keep firmlyto the green route for his fashion line. With his previous initiatives like OMI (oh My India) and Green Gangtok, Gurung used hand-woven and naturally-dyed fabrics that he embellished with hand-blocked prints and traditional artisanship. His eclectic range of men and womena��s wear as well as upcycled home decor, did raise awareness on the eco-friendly fashion front quite successfully and now he is back with more.

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    His latest collection, Le Desi, shifts focus to mena��s wear and includes kurta shirts, waist coats and jackets a�� with a running element of khadi. a�?It combines the richness of natural fabric with contemporary silhouettes,a�? shares Gurung who is clearly inspred by the recent General Elections. a�?To put it in plain words,a case of NaMo fever. It is also a genuine effort to promote a�?desi-nessa�� among the young in a more stylish way,a�? he adds.

    Using simple cuts and clean silhouettes, the collection keeps the a�?global Indian mana�� in mind with hand-picked fabrics from Gangtok, Kolkata, Bangalore, Jaipur and Gujarat. Plus, elegant hand-blocked paisley prints in natural hues of turmeric and indigo, with touches of white. Gurung avoids some of the fussiness that tends to come with embroidery to keep it classic, a�?comfortable and breezya��.

    Home front
    Gurunga��s home decor range (Rs. 499 upwards) is interestingly too, as it is created from reused and upcycled material soda cans, paint brushes and plastic waste. We love the paintbrush key holder and the can stationary holder that serve as clear examples of his offbeat, creative streak.

    Rs. 1,499 upwards. Available atA�indiebazaar.com. Details: 9241756710

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