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Abhishek Bhatia
reimagines modern electronica

Best-known as the vocalist for Delhi-based rock band The Circus, Abhishek Bhatia’s solo project Curtain Blue has also been making waves. With his first EP, Drones launched last month and a collaboration with Berlin-based producer Robot Koch under his belt, we catch up with the singer-turned producer ahead of his city performance.

 More on being a solo artist.
It’s not very different from working with my bandmates. It’s a more personal space where I get to spend more time with myself and I get to experiment a bit more than I would with others around.

Your relationship with IDM.
I don’t really like the sound of ‘IDM’. I don’t even know what exactly intelligent dance music is! All I do is make my songs. I then take my ideas to the studio where I can mess around and distort/mend them anyway I want.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Radiohead, Thom York, Apparat, Deftones, Robot Koch, Atoms for Peace. My band, The Circus, has been a big influence as well.

Sum up the sound of Drones.
To me it is a bit eerie, melancholic and rusty.
Do you always sing live?
Yes, I do, but that’s just because I love singing more than anything in this world! Tell us about your most interesting collaborations.
Apart from working with Koch on his EP TSUKI, I’ve collaborated with the singer Kavya Trehan for a track in my EP. She also sings for the band Mosko and trust me, she’s amazing!

What’s next for you?
I’m focusing on my EP tour at the moment, and trying to work on something new for my upcoming shows in the UK, which I’m really psyched about! I’ll be covering Brighton, Bristol, London, Glasgow, and I’m really looking forward to The Great Escape festival and Alchemy.
Entry free. May 7, 9 pm at Church Street Social. Details: 41713016
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