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Abhishek Bhatia
reimagines modern electronica

Best-known as the vocalist for Delhi-based rock band The Circus, Abhishek Bhatiaa��s solo project Curtain Blue has also been making waves. With his first EP, Drones launched last month and a collaboration with Berlin-based producer Robot Koch under his belt, we catch up with the singer-turned producer ahead of his city performance.

A�More on being a solo artist.
Ita��s not very different from working with my bandmates. Ita��s a more personal space where I get to spend more time with myself and I get to experiment a bit more than I would with others around.

Your relationship with IDM.
I dona��t really like the sound of a�?IDMa��. I dona��t even know what exactly intelligent dance music is! All I do is make my songs. I then take my ideas to the studio where I can mess around and distort/mend them anyway I want.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Radiohead, Thom York, Apparat, Deftones, Robot Koch, Atoms for Peace. My band, The Circus, has been a big influence as well.

Sum up the sound of Drones.
To me it is a bit eerie, melancholic and rusty.
Do you always sing live?
Yes, I do, but thata��s just because I love singing more than anything in this world! Tell us about your most interesting collaborations.
Apart from working with Koch on his EP TSUKI, Ia��ve collaborated with the singer Kavya Trehan for a track in my EP. She also sings for the band Mosko and trust me, shea��s amazing!

Whata��s next for you?
Ia��m focusing on my EP tour at the moment, and trying to work on something new for my upcoming shows in the UK, which Ia��m really psyched about! I’ll be covering Brighton, Bristol, London, Glasgow, and Ia��m really looking forward to The Great Escape festival and Alchemy.
Entry free. May 7, 9 pm at Church Street Social. Details: 41713016
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