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    Harley enthusiasts celebrate their love for speed and the good life this weekend

    If you are in the neighbourhood of Trinity Circle on Sunday afternoon, keep your eyes peeled for a mega HOGfest scheduled to take place around 2.30 pm. Why? Simply because 50 Harley enthusiasts will gather at the Oberoi Hotel to strut their biker stuff and reaffirm their shared passion for the sleek lines, racy appeal and the throaty growl of their Harley engines. The group comprises a�?captains of industrya�� who are also enthusiastic bikers. They have a common love for the Harley Davidson lifestyle, or, as Salamath Sheriff, retail head of Tommy Hilfiger, puts it, for the a�?thrill that comes from streaking down the highway, leather jackets whipping in the wind, lost in the beauty of a dreamy HOG moment.a�?

    The event is part of a five-month long Harley-Oberoi initiative which enables participants to win a Harley Davidson Fatboy motor-cycle or holidays at Oberoi proper-ties, ahead of the mega draw at the end of August. They already have over 3,200 contestants on board.

    The HOGs are scheduled to do a show ride from Trinity Circle to Anil Kumble circle, plant saplings back at the hotel and enjoy a high tea soiree. Among the well-known riders are Vijay Bharadwaj, director of Bangalore Tusker HOG, who has clocked over 1,00,000 kms on his two Harleys over the years, when he is not cooking gourmet meals, making artisanal cheeses, or collecting vintage wines. And Shirley George who runs a design and architect firm and likes to parasail, deep sea dive or trek through the Himalayas a�� when she is not burning up the tarmac.

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