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    Hailing from Venezuela, and now based in Barcelona, Fur Coat, comprises Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine. Successful in their solo careers before they teamed up, the duo is best known for their forward thinking house and techno. Their song, You and I is a dance floor staple and their latest EP, Berlin Chronicles, saw them pay tribute to the German city in the form of three thumping tracks. Now they head here for the Bengaluru edition of Corona Sunsets at JW Marriot Bengaluru this Sunday. The duo gets candid about how they met, the importance of food and their dynamics.

    How did the two of you meet?
    We met at a house party in Carcas in 2004. It was pretty interesting! Through mutual appreciation of food, film, partying and each othera��s work, we soon became close friends, cementing the relationship with shared musical passions for Latin, funk, soul, salsa and electronic.

    What would you say is your USP?
    We play a wide range of house and techno. This music is connected by one common elementa�� forward thinking music. It isna��t just a bunch of tracks being played. We want our followers and clubbers to go home with a nice story of how they enjoyed. We each play a role, of course. Sergio is more of the synth and melody freaky guy. Israel is more into percussion and edition.

    Barcelona as an influence.
    We are evolving human beings, so all the surroundings and experiences have an important role in what you do on your daily basis. Ita��s not only Barcelona, ita��s food, weather, travels around the world which influence us incredibly.

    More on your dynamics.
    We run pretty smoothly because we know when to give each other space. But getting on each othera��s nerves happens in all relationships! We spend so much time touring, catching flights, staying up late, having fun, being mad, talking about music, life, or anything else you can imagine. So the relationship is the same as any person can have with his best friend, brother, or business partner.

    Your music is best heard
    in what setup?
    Our music is mostly for the dance floor. Our main influences are house and techno, but we add our own twist so though stuff works on the dance floor, ita��s also deep, funky, trippy and hopefully delivers some sort of story to the listener.

    A secret no one knows about you.
    We love eating organic and vegan food. We are both food lovers. Ita��s one of our things we do over the trips on our weekends around the world. Food definitely plays an important role in our lives.

    Specific pieces lined up for India.
    Kidnap Kid, Therea��s No Time, You & I, Space Ballad, U Turn

    Any big news we can
    look out for?
    At the moment, we can reveal that we have an EP on BPitch Control (a German techno record label) coming out this month. We also have an EP coming out on music label Crosstown Rebels late this summer which is really different from what we have done in the past. Ita��s very instrumental and dance floor.
    At JW Marriott Bengaluru, June 14, 4 pm. Tickets (`1,000 upwards)
    on submerge.in

    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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