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    Moone Moondru Varthai, comedian Venkatesh Harinathan

    Actor and theatre artist, Venkatesh Harinathan decodes his style of comedy

    In the upcoming full-length comedy, Moone Moondru Varthai, comedian Venkatesh Harinathan will be seen playing Karna. a�?Ia��m a man without a job who decides to start a business with his friend. What happens next is the crux of the story,a�? begins the 27-year-old. Directed by Madhumita, of Kola Kolaya Mundhirika fame, the movie also sees newcomers Arjun Chidambaram and Aditi Chengappa, besidesA� singer SP Balasubrahmanyam and veteran actor, Lakshmi. Recalling his tryst with the producer of the film, SPB Charan, Harinathan shares, a�?We met at the audio launch of Sutta KadhaiA� in Geneva , in 2013. He is a very chilled out,A� fun and professional producer.a�? Besides Sutta Kadhai, Harinathan has also been a part of Selvaraghavana��s Irandam Ulagam (2013).
    a�?While Santhanam is known for his pop culture counter responses or a�?countersa��, Viveka��s comedy is like a social commentary. On the other hand, Vadivelu mostly plays with situational comedy and expressions. Ia��m not sure what my style is, but I know I cana��t do punch lines. I like taking comedy out of a scene.

    I work better with body language and reactions,a�? says Harinathan, who is well known in the theatre circuit as Step Step Mania��with a signature checked lungi narrating Tamil songs as part of Enna Da Rascalas.
    A theatre artiste for the past seven years, Harinathan was also a part of ASAP productions and The Little Theatre. Comparing theatre to films, he says, a�?In theatre, everything is in the actora��s control. But in films, there are so many departments and it is quite difficult. You might have shooting today and then nothing might happen for the next three months. So it is not predictable.a�?
    Desperate to move out of the comedy genre, Harinathan is choosing his films carefully. a�?It is not like I dona��t like comedy. But Ia��d like to try different things, too,a�? says the actor. Fortunately, in his next untitled film, he will be seen playing a deaf-and-dumb person and there is nothing funny about it.
    Moone Moondru Varthai is scheduled to release next month.

    Just for laughs
    Favuorite comedians: Nagesh and Guru Somasundaram from Aaranya Kaandam.
    Comedy pick: I hope to work with Sundar C, who made Ullam Kollai Poguthae. Winner and Michael Madana Kama Rajan are epic.
    Inspiration: From weird to funnya��Jim Carry is the man.
    Comic hits: Self-inflicted comedy is always a hit. I like this line, a�?a�?This much money, this much actinga�?
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