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    The Oberoia��s mango festival puts a unique spin on the king of fruits

    Eaten as it is, turned into a cooling sorbet, a thick milkshake, velvety ice cream, or even in its raw form, therea��s no denying that the mango is indeed the king of fruits. Taking advantage of the abundance of the fruit this season, pastry chef Bhuvan Ravishankar and mixologist Debabrata Banerjee have teamed up to curate special dessert and beverage menus for The Oberoia��s mango obsessive patrons. Called the Mad About Mangoes festival, the menus are available across the hotela��s restaurants. The two menus play up the mango, with the sweet, golden fruit being transformed into an array of desserts, apart from being paired with Whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka and gin.
    We got the tasting off to a start with the Mango Melody a�� a refreshing dessert of vanilla sable breton, raspberry gelee, mango ice cream and freshly diced mango. Smooth and thick, the homemade ice cream was definitely the star of the show and was well complemented by the tartness of the raspberry jelly. The sweetness is nicely balanced by the crumbly, soft sable and the fresh mango is given an added edge with a quick toss in a splash of vodka.
    If youa��re looking for something both warm and cool at the same time, Blow Hot-Blow Cold, should do the trick. A flat panna cotta disc forms the base for a mango sphere (made to look like breakfast eggs). This is served with warm chocolate croquettes, fresh mango, raspberries and crushed biscotti. The chilled mango sphere with the light panna cotta is indeed perfect for the heat, while the croquettes with an oozing centre, are just right for those rare summer rains a�� clearly a versatile creation keeping the unpredictable weather in mind.
    Three Is Company is the way to go for something completely chilled. The dish is a trio of homemade mango-basil sorbet, aam panna sorbet and mango ice cream, or mango sundae. The mango- basil sorbet was quite impressive, with a texture so fine, it was almost creamy, while the nostalgia-inducing aam panna had all the qualities of summer drink.
    Coriander and mangoes are definitely a match made in heaven, so ita��s not surprising that the Cilantro Mangi-to is a huge hit. Cilantro and mango syrup with a dash of rum, lime and rock salt, the drink delivered on everything from taste to looks. The Madras Mango Mayhem, comes with an inclusion of curry leaves that should keep the South Indian in you satisfied.
    Teaming the king of fruits with cucumber, The Indian Summer, with lime and Gin, boasts clean, fresh flavours. Giving the aam panna a wicked twist, the Aam Manghe-rita is definitely our favourite. Sour, tangy and slightly sweet, it is served with crushed ice, toasted cumin seeds, rock salt and tequila.

    Rs 450++ upwards. At MG Road. Details: 25585858

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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