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    Posing for pictures like tourists at international film studios is perhaps what every Indian visitor would like to do. But for Sam Thomas it’s always been a different experience. Instead of clicking pictures, Thomas, a pilot with one of the leading airlines for over a decade, would be busy exploring beyond the usual and not just marvelling at the technical advancement. If it is possible to build and run such phenomenal studios abroad, he wondered why the same cana��t be done back home in India, where one of the largest film industries exist.

    Ita��s been four years since he thought of it and his thought has translated into reality with Golden Baritone, a Digital Creative Collaborative Centre. a�?Ita��s more than just a simple studio complex. With a patented cloud-based solution (from Avid) creative professionals from the world over can collaborate in real time on audio visual projects,a�? says Thomas. With the likes of Oscar-winning sound designer, Resul Pookutty coming forward to help, Thomas realise his dream. It has been an ambitious startup for him. a�?For me, it isna��t about dropping names, I was keen that the best minds work with us,a�? he says.
    The fact that Golden Baritone has been built as per specifications from Dolby and designed by well-known French recording and mixing engineer Didier Weiss adds to the image. a�?The reason for most of these artistes to willingly collaborate with us is because they like Bengaluru. Ita��s quieter, ita��s not star-studded, there is enough talent and people do their work quietly and efficiently,a�? says Thomas. With such detailed spade work, Golden Baritone is set to start up on high voltage.

    Details: goldenbaritone.com

    a�� Ayesha Tabassum


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