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    Hilarious monologues, amusing dialogues and a superhero make for entertaining web surfing this week.

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler went all out on Monday when they hosted the Golden Globe Awards 2015. Starting out with calling the audience a a�?bunch of despicable spoiled minimally talented bratsa��, the duo went on to deliver a hilarious opening monologue. Weaving in current affairs, North Koreaa��s film bans, Emma Stonea��s big eyes and George Clooney receiving lifetime achievement, they also joke about Bill Cosbya��s rape allegation, even mocking his response.
    Intense talk
    Giving children the a�?birds and the beesa�� talk is always awkward. And Cut Video documents that. Same sex, heterosexual and single parents give their kids a�?the talka��, and youa��ll be surprised. Comparisons in their innocent minds are often hilarious, while some of them show knowledge which might even shock the parents. Watch the boys react with sheer disgust and girls act coy when they are told that parents have to a�?work togethera�� to make a baby.
    Super insect
    Marvel released their full trailer for the highly anticipated Ant Man, which is set to release this July. The first look reveals that it will be a fantastic film, gently introducing the uninitiated watchers to Scott Lang who moonlights as Ant Man. His powers mean he can shrink in size but energy goes sky high. Paul Rudd, best known as Mike from FRIENDS, takes on the role of the pint-sized superhero in the latest comic book film.
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