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    Observe seven artists at work at Tara Booka��s open house, and even get to take home an art work

    Tomorrow, at the Book Building in Thiruvanmiyur, seven Gond artists will unfurl parchments, pull out colours and get to work on intricate pictures starring nature and myths. But this time, they wona��t be alonea��you can walk in, speak with them about their art and even request a custom-made piece. a�?Artists usually come here with a purposea��like creating a book. So it is nice to put aside a day when they can interact with the public,a�? begins Gita Wolf, founder of Tara Books, on why they hold open houses.
    This is the first time that seven artists from the tribal community in Madhya Pradesh are coming together in the city. Expect to watch the much-awarded Bhajju Shyam put a light spin on profound observations or Durga Bai, a storyteller, weave narratives from simple ideas. The other names include Ramsingh Urveti, Pradeep Marawe, Rajendar Kumar Shyam, Dawat Singh Uikey and Subhash Singh Vyam.
    a�?They work with symbols and condense a lot of meanings into their art,a�? explains Wolf, adding, a�?Currently they are working on a project called Allegories of Development. We hear so much about what is happening to tribal people, how they are losing their lands and moving to cities. These are some of the topics they are working on, which will come together in seven books.a�?
    Stay back till 6.30 pm, and catch the book launch of Shyama��s latest, Creationa��a handmade compilation of the Gond myths of creation (Rs 1,500). It will be followed by a film screening on the making of the book and a music show by the artists.
    Tomorrow, 10 am to 6 pm. Art from Rs 1,000 onwards. Details: 42601033

    Surya Praphulla Kumar


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