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Catch 40 all-women, one-minute plays this weekend

Yes, we know about one-minute trailers and ad campaigns, but ever thought of a play? Bangalore-based Anita Mithraa��s The Tortilla Entertainment Company presents Zip Zap Pow, the Annual All Womena��s One Minute Theatre Festival for the digital generation. Mithra, who organises the Short+Sweet festival in Bangalore, stumbled upon the one-minute concept in the US, a few years ago. a�?In this format, I realised that directors will focus on the most important issues. Secondly, for a crowd that has such a dwindling attention span, this format is perfect,a�? points out Mithra.

CultureAnchor4-Initially there were 50 entries, of which 40 were selected. a�?It took New York several years to get 57 entries,a�? Mithra proudly says, adding, a�?We wanted to add a twist and make it all women. So they are written, directed and acted by women.a�? As for a specific theme that they have to follow, Mithra says, a�?Having one topic will be boring. The best way to keep it organic is by giving the directors their choice of subject.a�?

Spread across four venues, the event acts as a platform to gauge the a�?theatre temperaturea�� of the city that has seen a steady increase in thespian activity. In a format that is a first for both the city and the country, Mithra informs us that there is more than winning prizes and recognition to this festival. a�?It gives budding playwrights, directors and actors a chance to showcase their skill in a never seen or experienced before genre.a�?

At Opus, bFlat, Brewsky and Sanctum. June 27 A�to July 3. A�Details: 9986884372

a��Mrinalini Sundar


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