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Making sense of the shopping expos in the city

IS shopping at malls passA�? Thanks to the spurt in designer exhibitions and with online shopping becoming a staple with most of us, going out will take much more time than the usual. Take the recently concluded pop-up event at Olive Bistro where Bangalore-based sustainable luxury outlet got eco-friendly ensembles and accessories. Socialites dress their best for the shutterbugs, but if you ask them they will tell you, “We only dress to please ourselves.” Of course.
Then there are designer prA?t showcases like The HLabel Exhibition and Sale that facilitated ensembles from over 134 designers. That was quite a hit with our socialites too.
There are also the expos strictly for the fashionable upstarts where nouveau designers exhibit. It works as they win favour with the stylists, celebrities, socialites as they can certainly make your clothes sell. Of course, this is also the season for actresses without too many offers in their kitty to rake in some moolah by occasional and casual appearances. I remember Googling some names just to see who these actors were, who have the honour of declaring open such expos.
Then there is another group that loves art and wants to blend shopping with it. Gallery Cafe at Banjara Hills, Road number 10, not only sells exotic coffee beans, but furniture hand-painted by city artists like Laxman and Priyanka Aelay.
This serves the purpose of finicky individuals who want to make sure their home doesn’t look like their neighbours.
Owner Supriya Lahoti adds, “Apart from that you can also buy a range of exotic coffees such as Columbian coffee, Turkish kahwa, Arabic kahwa, Kenyan coffee along with a range of coffees from India, filter kaapi, Bella kaapi and Monsoon Malabar.” Now that’s another way of enhancing shopping experience. Taste it and if you like it then take it home.
Well, shop away we say for the art of buying is not only about stacking up your wardrobe anymore. Luxury expos are the new Sunday brunches, the excuse for a girls-day-out and an occasion to treat yourself.

-Swapna Sundari


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