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    A Bengaluru-based luxury brand brings a whole gamut of premium menai??i??s apparel to the city

    Bringing fine fabrics, a splash of colour and Ai??perfect fits comes the newest addition to the cityai??i??s fashion scene ai??i?? Bengaluru-based brand Rare Rabbit. Exclusively for men, expect all the wardrobe essentials ai??i?? from apparel to bow ties, eye wear, luggage and even art under a single roof. ai???Rare Rabbit is for the man of taste who adds style to his wardrobe,ai??? creative director and founder, Manish Poddar says. ai???Menai??i??s fashion is very restrictive in the country. Most brands limit their colour palette to black, grey and white. There is so much more that can be explored when it comes to colours and patterns,ai??? he enthuses. Housed in an 800 sq ft store, the apparel section is divided according to occasion ai??i?? formal or casual wear, interspersed with other accessories like bags and mugs and quirky light bulbs atop clothing racks.


    House style

    Following an ideology that fashion needs to speak for itself, the label possesses a rather subtle style of branding. Logos and company motifs are found in discrete places like in the third fold of the inner sleeve while jean zippers come with tongue-in-cheek comments like ai???take your timeai??i?? and pockets read ai???Rare Rabbit is watching youai??i??. With more detailing on the inside of the apparel than the outside, clothing at Rare Rabbit promises to be personal. ai???Itai??i??s about making others inquisitive about what and who you are wearing,ai??? he adds. The store also has some delightful collectibles on display like ai??i?? Garrett Leight eye wear imported from California, ceramic bow ties and pocket squares, and Hyper Grand timepieces with changeable leather straps. Their lustrous ceramic rabbits, however, add to the showpiece collection.

    Designer plans

    Putting his 18-year stint in the fashion industry under various capacities to good use, the Bengaluru-based entrepreneur is looking to sell an exclusive experience. Rare Rabbit stores across the country follow a similar design and interior decor, topped off with a signature ambient scent (green herb) and an eclectic European playlist. ai???Rare Rabbit is a lifestyle parlour,ai??? he says, adding that it is the first of its kind in the country. In the market for just over four months, Rare Rabbit will also launch stores in Kochi, Thane and another one in Bengaluru this weekend. ai???By the end of next year, we are looking at retailing from 35 company-owned stores,ai??? says the 41-year entrepreneur.

    Rs 2,500 onwards. Launching today at Express Avenue. Purchase avalide price
    Details: 49577688
    ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese


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