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    Get set for a few happy tears and some musical inspiration. Meanwhile, dinosaurs are back in action

    Lost world
    Based on the famous dragon illusion by Jerry Andrus, the American magician known for his close-up, sleight-of-hand tricks, YouTube user Brusspup, goes one up with dinosaurs. When cut and placed in a specific manner, these dinos form an optical illusion where they are constantly staring at you, no matter where you go. The pre-historic version of the Mona Lisa we say! The image on screen is nine feet in height and width so for the real feel of it, the creator suggests you look through a camera, close one eye and move back and forth.

    Muma��s the word
    An absolute tear-jerker, this advert promotes the proud Mums behind sporting winners. The Pick Them Back Up video, made for the upcoming Winter Olympics, shows mothers who pick up their babies when they tumble and fall. These little ones then take up sports like ice-skating and skiing. With their share of broken hearts and bones, the athletes are helped back on their feet by Mum. And emotion comes through when they cross the finish line first. Get ready for an emotional moment that warrants a warm hug from Mum.

    Healing the world
    An old video doing the rounds again, Playing for Change certainly rings true in current times. The clip is one of several music videos from the award-winning documentary, Playing For Change: Peace Through Music a�� a multi-media movement created to inspire the world through music. This one features a cover of Ben E Kinga��s Stand By Me by over 35 artistes from around the world who add their own flavour to the song. The musicians have never met in person. Details: playingforchange.com

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