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    Aurodhan Art Gallery, is offering an eclectic musical experience at Pondicherry this Monday. An annual event in collaboration with IndiEarth Xchange 2015, the evening takes off at 6 pm with a performance by Laxman Das Baul from India, the Irish band Aldoc and the duo Tuelgar Mangolia, before culminating with Ziskakan from the Reunion Island.
    “Last year, we had Tritonix from Mauritius, Christian Solem from Reuinion Island and a host of other musicians. We curated our artiste palette this time, keeping in mind the positive feedback we received,” says Lalit Verma, founder of Aurodhan Art Gallery.
    Baul to Aldoc
    Known for his esoteric and earthy music, Baul recalls, “I remember collaborating with an Australian music group, Sim Sim, at Pondicherry last year. We had an obvious language barrier. But in the end I was mesmerised by the way we could connect through music and deliver a memorable performance. ”
    The mystic from Bengal will give way to the Irish band Aldoc, whose front man Alan Doherty has contributed to The Lord of the Rings soundtrack. “When we stared Aldoc it was to be a solo flute project,” he says, promising the magic of the flute at the concert. Recalling the first time he heard Indian music he says, “It was Zakir (from the album Shakti with flute by Hariprasad Chaurasia) and I thought,‘How on earth can they play so fast and still have such groove and feeling.’”
    Next up will be Tulegar from Mangoli with their khoomei, which is a type of throat singing. The festival ends with Ziskakan from Reunion Island bringing in the richness of Creole tradition and language.
    At 6 pm on November 30 at Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry. Donor passes available at the venue. Details: 0413 2222449. Go to page 19 For the IndiEarth Xchange 2015 festival at Chennai.

    —Seema Rajpal
    & Arka Sengupta


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