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A frozen yoghurt chain from California comes to KNK Road, with 120 flavours in tow

If youa��re counting calories on your next dessert, Menchiea��s makes it easy. The California frozen yoghurt franchise, which has outlets all over the world, is now in Chennai. Just like the Ibaco chain of icecream outlets, you get to pay by the gram here as well. a�?Ita��s `1.30 paise plus tax for each gram you serve,a�? the owner of the citya��s first outlet at Nungambakkam, Jignesh Pujara, tells us. And considering the brand, since its inception in 2007, has always had a self-serve policy, the cool part is that with each serving a�?you can take as much or as little as you like,a�? adds Pujara. a�?Therea��s no minimum quantity that constitutes a serving,a�? he explains.

Pick your pair
Currently, the space on Khader Nawaz Khan Road has five vending machines, each with a provision of two flavours. And just like in a softy zone, he adds, a�?If you pull the middle lever you get an even mix of two flavours.a�? And wea��re not just talking chocolate and strawberry a�� think more along the lines of everything from Cake Batter to Cheesecake. Yup, the frozen yoghurt market is now on par with luxe ice cream flavour options. a�?I think the favourite so far has been Red Velvet,a�? the first time food-preneur jumps in. Of course, there are a total of 120 flavours (all strictly eggless) on rotation, a�?and these will change as and when a flavour is exhausted, so you know whata��s going to be available the next time you step in,a�? Pujara tells us.

Coming up, for diabetics
With a background in iron and steel for the past decade, Pujara decided to make the jump into the yoghurt business after he took his seven-year-old daughter to a Menchiea��s in Australia a couple of years ago. a�?The yoghurt is loaded with probiotic bacteria so ita��s actually a healthy option for kids,a�? the daddy of three makes it a point to add. And in the months to come, a�?We will be introducing sorbets and sugar-free yoghurts as well,a�? he says. The latter he adds with a smile, will definitely be a bonus for diabetic grandparents who walk-in. Details: 30853629

a�� Sonali Shenoy