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Get a slice of Rachel Allena��s everyday life, her favourite ingredients and an indulgence she holds close to her heart

Herea��s a chance observe celebrated chef Rachel Allena��s life in Ireland a�� right from dealing with her suppliers at work to reactions to her cooking from friends and family. The new show, Rachel Allena��s Easy Meals, is being telecast for the first time in India, on TLC. Renowned for her baking, the Irish TV chef takes us through easy, fuss-free cooking that covers everything from easy bakes and lazy-SundayA�mornings to cooking for a crowd. Some of Allena��s signature dishes have five ingredients or less and can be made in one pot. Hassle-free cooking for her means putting a delicious meal together even when the pantry is nearly empty.

The cookbook author tells us about must-have ingredients and her indulgences:

What inspired you to take up cooking?
Ia��ve always loved cooking. ButA� only realised it when I lost my mother. I was very young and spent my first five days making biscuits and cakes. And then I thought of doing a little bit more.

Whata��s next for Rachel Allen?
Ita��s more of travelling and writing for me. I also wonder when I will retire.

What ingredients are we likely to find in your kitchen?
Cumin seeds and green cardamom pods and of course garlic.A�I prefer to buy spices fresh. And I just love butter; wea��veA� got really good butter in Ireland.

One indulgence you allow yourself?
My moma��s breast chicken. She would make the bread crumbs stuffing with the chicken and shea��d cook them with a little bit of lemon. It always reminds me of how much I used to love eating that.

Easy Meals by Rachel Allen is on TLC, Monday to Friday at 8 pm.

A�-Sumitra Nair


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