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Mystique and fantasy define Goya, a dance-theatre show

The spirit of a tree enjoys the utmost devotion of all creatures in her mystical land, Goya. But, greed finds its way to the land and everything goes awry. This is the plot of Goya (an Urdu word that means ai???suspension of disbelief due to good storytellingai??i??), an Indo-Western fusion dance performance, which is being staged by High Kicks Dance Ensemble. Conceptualised and choreographed by creative director Aparna Nagesh, and originally intended as a childrenai??i??s production, it is now a non-stop 75-minute show presented through contemporary dance and experimental abstract movement.

Talking about the show, Aparna says, ai???The underlying message of Goya is one of environmental consciousness and protection of Earthai??i??s natural resources. A storyteller strings the dance acts together with a dramatic narrative in English.ai???

Ask her about the inspiration behind the show, and she says that it is her love for natureAi??and her understanding that when resources are taken for granted, there will be consequences.

Aparna believes that the core theme of the production will resonate with both children and adults alike. ai???The storyline is simple. When man forgets that we need to be careful with our usage of natural resources, when we start taking everything we have for granted, when we let greed define us and our lives, there will be consequences.ai???

With an indigenous look and some colourful kitsch thrown in, the performance has music by independent Indian musicians including Maati Bani, Subha Mudgal and Raghu Dixit.

February 5. 7 pm at Museum Theatre. Tickets from Rs 200 onwards onAi??eventjini.com/goya. Details: 7338705445

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