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    Boasting seed butter, dried fruits and more, a new health bar is finding fans at gyms.

    If you are a member of Leap Fitness or Score Gym, you would’ve seen small bags full of dark, nutty treats at the reception these past few days. Hand made by Namrata Goyal, the CEO of NGI (Namrata Goyal Innovations, a company that supplies food ingredients to city hotels), these health bites are all-natural and packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. “I’m not a nutritionist, so these were created after doing a lot of research online,” begins Goyal, adding that she chanced upon the idea while driving to work. “I was suddenly very hungry and I had nothing at hand to munch on. I called my nutritionist and she sent over a recipe for a health bar, which I’ve adapted to make my Pre-workout Dynamos.” With almonds, pumpkin and flax seeds in the mix, these gluten-free snacks get a healthy boost of proteins, dietary fibre and antioxidants with the addition of sunflower seed butter.
    “Most store-bought health bars have hidden sugars or preservatives. Mine have neither. They have a shelf life of 15 days,” shares the 40-year-old, who insists she only uses the best quality products. “I source my seed butter from Mumbai, I dry my bananas (for the Nutty Banana Bar) on my terrace and I use Medjool dates as a natural sweetener,” she adds. Also on offer are Almond Chocolate Punch (with dark chocolate) and the Omega-3 rich Flax Sesame Date. While Goyal lists out her ingredients and its benefits on the packaging, she does not highlight the calories—because she feels eating an extra bar will not make a difference when they contain what’s good for the body. She is also open to customising the bars.
    Rs 100 onwards for 100 gms. Details: 9884060932, orderngi@gmail.com

    —Surya Praphulla Kumar


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